Design = how the outside world identifies you and/with your work.

No, it’s not just your logo.

Design Services

What we offer

Your brand is your story. It’s about more than just fonts and colors; it’s about communication. We help our clients keep their story straight. We create, update, streamline, and maintain your brand across your websites, social media channels, email campaigns and more.

What’s included

  • Help you define & refine your brand
  • Show you how to use the design process to solve non-design problems
  • Generate all the graphics you’ll need: everything from logos to business cards
  • Give you tools to tell and re-tell your story

Design work is done at a rate of $100/hour, invoiced monthly.

The Starter Pack

What we offer

Sometimes you just need to get started. For clients looking to set up a business, organization, or campaign we offer a sweet little package that includes everything you’ll need to jump start your exciting new project.

What’s included

  • Three logo options for you to choose from
  • One color palette
  • One business card, front and back, ready to print
  • A simple 3-page website

Our starter pack starts at $2500. Additional work can be added on at a rate of $100/hour, invoiced monthly.