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ORCAA — case study

Tell me about the client

Cathy O’Neil was on book tour celebrating the success of Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy and had recently started a new business venture called O’Neil Risk Consulting & Algorithmic Auditing, or ORCAA. In an age when companies are increasingly using mathematical models to streamline important decisions, ORCAA aims to measure those algorithms for fairness, legal discrimination, and meaning.

What was the problem?

ORCAA needed a basic website and branding to capitalize on Cathy’s book tour. The timeline was short and the budget was tight…really tight. This is a common problem: a passionate, hard-working person or group is scrambling to get some startup help with limited pocket change. Instead of turning the work down, we took it as an opportunity to create an offering for all of these inspiring people. Thus The Starter Pack was born.

What did we do?

Cathy was offered three logo designs based on her prompt, “fat fierce and intelligent”. From this logo mark we created three color palettes and set to work making Cathy some business cards. With that done (in a record time) Cathy had something to hand people she was meeting on her book tour and we then set out to create a website. We wound up suggesting Squarespace because of it’s ease of setup and maintenance. Cathy had written most of the content already and knew what she wanted, which always makes the process go smoothly. Given a few days and free reign to choose a theme and customize it, we were able to create a nice little one pager for oneilrisk.com. With a three week turn around this was a very smooth and joyful project. Mad respect to Cathy for being an awesome professional!