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ZBC Designer — case study

Tell me about the client

Aker Wade is on a mission to convert every forklift in the world to batteries and eliminate the need for fossil fuel driven operations. They’ve developed a tool that allows forklift battery salespeople to model their customer’s energy usage and select a set of batteries that will work for their needs. The software does the math to present the case for a sustainable energy future in warehouse management. Numbers don’t lie.

What was the problem?

The tool — ZBC Designer — was made several years ago and needed a full user experience and information architecture overhaul. There were a lot of people who could have been using this software to help convert more forklifts to batteries, but the interface was too dated, clunky, and complicated for users to understand. They needed us to rethink the entire way the software worked — from start to finish — with a user-centered perspective.

What did we do?

For ZBC we knew we needed to start from square one. Our approach was simple and thorough: interview stakeholders, research the industry and competitors, restructure the way information flowed from one section of the software to another, workshop the interface, refine the design, and work directly with developers to get to a working prototype.