We’re no strangers to making your complex systems work together.

Hello, dirty laundry.

Technology Services

What we offer

Whether they’re proprietary or open source, custom or out-of-the-box, non-existent or already built, we’ll get your technology off the ground and provide documentation and training for your entire team.

What’s included

  • Identify technology pain points
  • Overhaul that website of yours
  • Stitch together existing technologies you rely on
  • Build custom-coded solutions for your specific needs
  • Document our work and train your team on how to make updates

Basic tech work is done at a rate of $100/hour, invoiced monthly.

Monthly maintenance

What we offer

That website of yours won’t update itself. Let’s be honest, security issues and 404 errors are just part of the territory when you’ve got a presence online. When you’ve got a hundred other things to take care of, your website is the last thing you want to worry about.

What’s included

  • WordPress software updates
  • Plugin/extension/app updates
  • Secure database backups
  • Simple changes to your website’s content

We offer three three tiers of maintenance packages at a 25% discount, based on your needs: 3 hours/month @ $225 | 6 hours/month @ $450 | 9 hours/month @ $675

Secure staging

What we offer

No one really wants to make changes to their site on the fly, that’s how things break. Setting up a safe place to make and test edits to your content or your code is the safest and smartest thing you can do to keep your website shiny and happy. Whether a site is brand new, getting an overhaul, or just in need of upgraded technology, we can help you do it the right way.

What’s included

  • Preparing out-of-date sites for changes
  • Making WordPress more stable
  • Creating a sandbox for playing around with new features
  • Developing and documenting a process for moving new features to your live site

We set up a staging sites at a rate of $100/hour, invoiced monthly. Maintenance packages are highly recommended as a pair to this work.